Verisign SSL

VeriSign brings trust to the Internet. Billions of times each day VeriSign helps companies and consumers all over the world to engage in trusted communications and commerce.

  • VeriSign secures more than one million Web servers worldwide, more than any other Certificate Authority.97 of the world’s 100 largest SSL-using banks, over 93% of Fortune 500 companies, and 81% of the 500 biggest e-commerce sites in North America use SSL Certificates sold by VeriSign*.VeriSign helped lead the development of Extended Validation and has issued more EV SSL Certificates than any other Certificate Authority. VeriSign SSL EV customers have measured an average increase of 17.8% (based on 32 case studies) in completed transactions.

  • VeriSign is the leading SSL provider of SGC-enabled SSL Certificates, enabling 128- or 256-bit encryption for over 99.9% of Internet users.

  • The VeriSign seal is viewed up to 250 million times a day on more than 90,000 Web sites in 160 countries and in search results on enabled browsers as well as partner shopping sites and product review pages.86% of online shoppers recognize the VeriSign seal when shopping or transacting online, and 11% said they would not purchase on sites not displaying the VeriSign seal (VeriSign Brand Tracking Research, 2009)When Web site visitors see the VeriSign seal, they are less likely to abandon a transaction online. Customer case studies show a 10-34% increase in online transactions when a VeriSign seal is displayed.

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